EHL 2011 Wine Tasting

7th Annual Evening on Highland Lake

A Taste of Fine Food and Wine at the Water’s Edge

------------Mary Barbro and Joe Marchell -----------------------------------Jan and Steve Becker ----------------------------- Mark and Doris Schrader

-----------------Sue and Mike Peacock -------------------------------Jackie Mulvey and Ray Juros ---------------------------- Sally and Ray Fugere

--------------------Pat and Don Masucci -------------------------------Sam and Becky Sciacca --------------------------------- Sue and Frank Carfiro

-------------------Sue and Bob Moore --------------------------------Kim and Rhonda Marchand-------------------------- Martha Houlihan and Franz Ryerson

---------Nathaniel Germain and Beth Krohner -------------------------------Jill and Mark Ricci ------------------------------------ Clare and Gerry Stevens

-----------------Steve and Rosy Molinelli ---------------------------------Nancy and Barry Reardon --------------------- Jo-An and John Gracco, Maria Cravanzola

-----------------Karen and Alan Germain -------------------------------Janet and Craig Closson --------------------------------- Sheila and Steven Sedlack

--------------------Beth and Bob Lachance ------------------------------------Deb and Bob Rabor ------------------------ Nora Mocarski and Candy Perez

---------------Beth and Dan Papermaster ------------------------------------Jean and Dick Labich ---------------------------- Sarah and John Munley

-----------------Pat, Woody Dawson -------------------------------Wayne and Patty Warren --------------------------------- Patty and Wayne Warren

-----------------Scott and Bridget Rouleau -------------------------------Gay Schemp and Glen Zeh --------------------------------- Jean and Mark Blair

------------Jan Gyurko and Betty Formaggioni ------------------------------Sue and Bob Thomson --------------------------------Kevin and Diane O'Donnell

--------------Kevin, Diane and Katelyn O'Donnell ----------------------Rosemary and David Frauenhofer --------------------------Anna and Wayne Willis

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