2009 picnic

July 12 HLWA Annual Picnic

by Jeanne Hinman

Who would have thought with all the rain that fell on the boat parade the evening of July 11 the next day would be so perfect.

The hosts and hostesses for the picnic were Shirley Allshouse, Jeanne Hinman, Bob and Marie Lauzon and Jack and Marlene Rouleau. They opened their four adjoining properties, which gave plenty of room for the more than one hundred attendees.

The association provided a festive look with gold and white decorations in recognition of the 50th anniversary. Each of the four homes housed a special fare. Shirley housed the liquid refreshments, Jeanne’s area held the appetizers, Bob and Marie made their famous fried dough and, to tease the sweet tooth in us all, the desserts were served by Jack and Marlene.

Thanks to the volunteer chefs who cooked the hot dogs and sauerkraut, along with the grilled hamburgers and cheeseburgers.

It was the perfect day to visit, recount lake memories, and renew friendships

Thank you to all who attended and the committee that put the event together.

Hosts of the picnic: Shirley Allshouse, Marie and Bob Lauzon, Jeanne Hinman,
and Marlene and Jack Rouleau.

Former presidents of the HLWA - Archie Perez, Shirley Allshouse, Clare Stevens,
Larry Beck, and Fran Delaney - stand with Dick Labich, right, current president.

Mark and Doris Schrader

Carol Margarone and Irma Houlihan

Stan and Dee Zimering

Gunjan Prakash and Daniel Roeser

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