Taking Pride in Town’s Natural Assets

Reprinted from the Torrington Register-Citizen

The face of the entire Northwest Corner, including Winsted, has changed throughout the years. Many factories and small family farms that used to help form the character of the region are now gone, changing the job market significantly and shifting the way people live.

One thing that has not changed, however, is the wonderful natural asset that Winsted has in Highland Lake, which still attracts many summer visitors and locals every year for swimming, boating and fishing. The lake is one of the largest naturally occurring bodies of water in the state, and offers a long coastline ringed with summer cottages, beaches and docks that are busy all summer.

That is why it is so necessary and important to have a group like the Highland Lake Watershed Association helping to keep the lake’s surroundings beautiful by holding twice-yearly cleanups. The group gathers volunteers and cleans all along East and West Wakefield boulevards, as well as the lake’s beaches, tidying up all the litter that has accumulated.

While change comes to nearly all aspects of an area eventually, it is important to take good care of the good things you have, especially a valuable asset like Highland Lake, so that it can continue to be enjoyed by both locals and visitors for years to come.

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